6 Ways Traditional Research is Failing

By some metrics, the research industry is thriving. With global revenue above $70bb, the sector has more than doubled since 2008—and with new technology, research is faster and easier than ever before. But these new approaches aren’t delivering better insights. If it were, we wouldn’t see
so many high-profile, well-researched failures: blockbusters that flop at the box office, well-funded incumbents who lose elections, and new products languishing on the shelves.

Why? Despite the technology, most research still relies on the question-and-answer techniques that have been used for nearly a century. These old methods bring with them old failings—first among them is that consumers’ responses to questions aren’t
effective at predicting future behavior.

These methodologies and their shortcomings haven’t changed. What has changed is that modern neuroscience has given us the tools to understand why traditional research is failing.

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Full compass with layersAsset 3

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