Bravo and Neuro-Insight show correlation between ad themes and program content

Bravo has conducted a study on ad receptivity (and no, its findings were not “OMG Bravo is the gr8est”) in tandem with market research company Neuro-Insight, and the report contains a surprising conclusion: It doesn’t actually matter that much if an ad’s product is endemic to the program a consumer is watching (meaning that it matches the show’s content).

Or rather, it does matter, but a match between an ad’s theme and the program matters more. For example, a marketer can run a makeup ad during a fashion makeover show and get the expected category bump. But Acura, say, can also run an ad focusing on the car’s beauty and luxury (as opposed to horsepower or mileage or vampire-killing headlights) and get even better retention with the viewer, who perks back up when something that looks thematically similar to the show he was already watching comes on.

Yes, you read that right. Marketers get better retention if the category doesn’t match, and the theme does.

The study calls these ads “neo-contextual,” and their advantages are considerable. The former will get a 15 percent advantage over an ad that’s not matched at all as opposed to 9 percent for an ad that matches only by category.

Third, and most effective (a 19 percent boost), are network-created “program-hybrid” ads, which use show elements or talent.

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Originally Published in Adweek By Sam Thielman

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