Large CPG Company

Brand Objective:
Understand the neural impact of varied product and brand imagery to investigate the implicit associations between each image and two key attributes among a targeted sample.

The ‘Large CPG Company’ asked us to help identify creative themes within an image set that drove positive response and linked to brand objectives.


1) What is the neural impact of each image?
2) Which images have a strong association with the attributes?
3) Which trends can be applied to future affiliated brand strategy with this targeted sample?

Neuro-Insight’s Solution:

  • Using SST, we measured the neural impact of each image to determine which would drive memorability, desire and attention.
  • Implicit Association Testing (nPlicit) allowed us to measure nonconscious connections between the images and the attributes – specifically which images showed to be strongly associated with both attributes in question.
  • We helped the Large CPG company narrow down which images were strongly associated with both attributes AND had a strong neural impact.
  • From these results, creative themes were identified and implemented into strategic processes for choosing the types of images to be included in future brand communication.


The Results:

  • From the SST and nPlicit results, we were able to guide the Large CPG Company through which images to use or exclude.

  • We were also able to find trends across the data sets and determine the types of images that drove higher levels of neural impact as well as strong associations with the chosen attributes.
  • For example, we found that ‘Images with more than one unit” of the product were more effective than images showing single units

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Full compass with layersAsset 3

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