Australia’s leading personal budgeting company

Brand Objective:
Quantifying and improving the effectiveness of advertising for the brand’s Call to Action (“visit the MyBudget website”) and identifying a blueprint for future TVC success

MyBudget hired a new agency that cost 10x more than their original agency, but the Ads they created failed to drive business and website visits. Traditional survey and focus group data lacked the granular detail required for identifying the issues and couldn’t reveal the framework for a successful ad.

1) Should MyBudget pursue a new style of an advertising campaign?
2) What makes a MyBudget Ad successful?
3) How do we measure CTA advertising ROI?

Neuro-Insight’s Solution:

  • We evaluated both the Original and New style of execution and found viewers responded more effectively (higher levels of detailed memory encoding and Engagement) to messaging and talent in the Original style, compared to their responses to the New style.
  • Furthermore, by examining the memory encoding during key moments, we were able to highlight optimization opportunities to aid in increasing the impact of the Original TVC style, particularly at the call-to-action message and final branding.
  • We identified the blueprint as to what a successful MyBudget TVC should look like – The TVCs need to have strong, clear initial branding, high memorability during the key execution elements and strong final branding.

The Results:
MyBudget applied our optimization recommendations to their TVCs in the following phases:

  • Phase One: They took the neuro learnings to optimize the original ‘Testimonial’ ads in-market.
  • Phase Two: They took all the neuro learnings and applied them to new creative messaging, client casting, and production for their 2017 ads.
  • Post Phase One: MyBudget saw an instant uplift in lead volume.


Post Phase Two: MyBudget saw record-breaking lead performance, month-on-month for 2017

Client’s Perspective:
“…we’re up 50% on the same time last year… this year (2017) has been the best six months in the history of MyBudget.”
– Tammy Barton, Founder, and Director of MyBudget

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