Allen’s Lollies

Nestlé-owned, Australian Confectionary Brand

Brand Objective:
Analyze early-draft animatics of the client’s major brand campaign to identify key drivers of memory encoding, potential ‘trouble spots’ and possible improvements to TVC.

Even the best themes and straplines won’t work without an effective narrative structure—and knowing how to connect each scene into a coherent story with a strong brand close can be hard for even the best creative.

We found that two scenes featuring a doll blowing bubbles formed a strong connection with viewers’ memories but a recurring withdrawal response to the doll was also detected

Questions: How can we maintain strong memory encoding present with the bubble-blowing scenes while improving the viewers’ emotional connection with the doll centerpiece?

Neuro-Insight solution:
We helped create an edited version of the TVC to include ‘connection’ shots between the puppet and members of the crowd – visuals showing the crowd liking the doll resulted in strong approach responses rather than the negative withdrawal response previously observed.

The Results:

  • In the six months after airing, Allen’s exceeded sales targets by 20.5% and grew sales by $2.6M over previous performance – booking the highest 6-month revenue in three years.
  • Grocery sales grew 25% in the 13 weeks post launch – all with no other promotion or marketing effort.
  • This campaign won the Australian Effie award for advertising effectiveness.

Full compass with layersAsset 3
Full compass with layersAsset 3

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