Earning Trust the Right Way: Part 1

What Americans Really Want from Brands During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The wants and needs of consumers are changing rapidly as the pandemic continues to spread. Two-thirds of all Americans are anxious about their future economic and physical well being, and they’re asking brands for help. As always, Neuro-Insight is dedicated to helping brands piece together this incredibly complex but not unsolvable puzzle. Consumers are desperate for their most basic human needs of sustenance, community, identity, autonomy and creative expression to be served and brands can help serve them. Neuro-Insight has launched the world’s first subconscious sentiment tracker using our nPlicit™ methodology, allowing us to effectively demonstrate the impact of the growing concern on consumer decision making.

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Full compass with layersAsset 3
Full compass with layersAsset 3

Come explore the human subconscious.

Whether you’re a brand, agency, or publisher, we know how to activate against your business objectives. We connect you to the deepest level of consumer decision-making: the subconscious.