Professor Emeritus Richard Silberstein

Professor Richard Silberstein, Chairman and CEO of Neuro-Insight was conferred to the title and role of Emeritus Professor at Swinburne University of Technology’s graduation ceremony at the Melbourne Convention Centre on 15 December 2014.  Professor Silberstein has had a long and distinguished career at Swinburne University of Technology, spanning forty years of service, which has included roles in teaching, research, management and services to the scientific and broader community.

Professor Silberstein was responsible for the design and implementation of the Medical Biophysics and Scientific Instrumentation major studies within the Bachelor of Applied Sciences degree.  This was, at the time, the first undergraduate teaching program in Australia that combined biomedical sciences with physical and engineering sciences in an integrated manner in each year of the course.  Additionally, Professor Silberstein also initiated the introduction of the Psychophysiology major to be taken in conjunction with a major study in Psychology, another Australian first.

Professor Silberstein also played a primary role in the introduction and development of cognitive neuroscience research at Swinburne, where he established the Swinburne Centre for Applied Neurosciences (SCAN) in 1985 and from 1997 – 2002 was the foundation Director of the Brain Sciences Institute (BSI).  It was also during these years that Professor Silberstein developed Steady State Topography (SST), a new and unique method for imaging brain function. Professor Silberstein has made important and long standing contributions to Swinburne and the broader community, which is most rightly recognised through the title and role, Emeritus Professor.

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