Emotions Behind the Brand Decision

Advertisers that ‘go dark’ during a recession will see competitors emerge even more strongly in the minds of consumers.

Ad spend has come under increased scrutiny during the recent tough economic conditions. The easy option is to cut ad budgets, save money and preserve the short-term bottom line. Going dark on advertising, however, has an in-built consequence, handing the marketing advantage to your competitors.Conversely, some advertisers have used the downturn as a golden opportunity to innovate and gain ground on the competition. Unilever is a case in point (see ‘Unilever aims to exploit recession’, WARC- 2 July 2009) The way brands constantly rise and fall within categories is measured and tracked with neuro brand salience (NBS) emotional brand equity – the strength of the network of positive emotional memories, including a sense of familiarity, associated with a brand. An important dimension of NBS is that it measures both conscious and all unconscious brand memories.

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Full compass with layersAsset 3

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