Neuro-Insight Puts Brains Behind Nine Of This Year’s Super Bowl Ads | Forbes

Jenny Rooney, editor of the CMO Network at Forbes, covers Neuro-Insight’s contribution to the 2019 Super Bowl. This feature describes Neuro-Insight’s involvement in the optimization of nine of 2019’s Super Bowl spots. Rooney spoke with Pranav Yadav and John Zweig about the connection between advertising and consumer decision-making. The pair offer a few examples of Neuro-Insight’s ability to measure the subconscious data that traditional marketing research has never been able to access before–drawing upon true insight to guide their clients’ marketing strategy and assets.

“The ads will be a clear manifestation of how Neuro-Insight works to help marketers understand to what extent their ads are really getting through to people, registering on a deep, emotional level not otherwise captured in traditional research.”

Read the full article here. 

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