House Rules lifts McDonald’s brand attribute scores

Quantifying the effectiveness of Attribute Marketing

In 2016, Seven adopted a new strategy for developing and selling integrated sponsorship packages for their major TV brands – Attribute Marketing.

The theory behind Attribute Marketing is that the attributes of a media brand transfer and strengthen the same attributes of the sponsor’s brand. The closer the sponsored brand’s attributes are to the program’s, and the closer the integrated association, the greater the increase on a client’s brand attributes scores. Whilst this has always been implied, never before has it been validated in Australia.

Neuro-Insight developed the research methodology (nPlicit – a hybrid Neuro / Implicit approach) to test this theory, and House Rules was the first TV program involved. Neuro-Insight identified Family, Australia, Creative & Future were, amongst the strongest, House Rules brand attributes.

McDonald’s was the perfect fit, as their brand attributes were about Family & Connecting People. Thus, Seven West Media devised an integrated campaign based around amplifying the shared attributes of Family / Connecting People. Two key elements of this campaign, ensuring McDonald’s were aligned to House Rules in the Family/Connection people space, included:

  • the production and broadcast of bespoke McDonald’s TVCs around the “House Reveal” moment  – the highly emotional time where the families unite to see their houses transformed
  • the logging of all ‘Family and Connection Moments’ within the show, with McDonald’s TVCs and Billboards being placed directly after these moments

The results exceeded McDonald’s expectations with their “Connecting People” brand attribute increasing by 16 %, and by more than any other of their attributes.


Note – nPlicit represents a unique development in measuring, optimizing and tracking how brands benefit from aligning communications objectives with program attributes.


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