Neuro-Insight in exclusive partnership with Seven West Media

Channel Seven has secured an exclusive contract with market-leading research group Neuro-Insight. The deal gives the Network and its Seven West Media brands exclusive access to the unique brain-imaging research technology, which measures how the brain responds to communications.

“This is an exciting deal for Seven with a company that is doing great things globally, in the US, UK and Germany,” says Director Network Sales Adam Elliott. “This deal will help us to provide deeper insights into our programs, which will in turn help our clients maximize their investment,” he added.

Neuro-Insight’s research measures electrical activity in the brain, scientifically evaluating consumer reactions to content at a level that the viewer would not be aware of consciously.

“Many of the functions of our brain take place at a sub-conscious level, particularly how we engage with media content and how we respond to advertising. These can be very powerful in shaping how we feel about products and brands, however, these responses cannot be picked up through conventional research,” explains Neuro-Insight’s Director of Sales and Marketing Peter Pynta.

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