Neuro-Insight in the media

Neuro-Insight is recognised as a world leader in using their patented neuroscience technology to measure the effect of advertising and media content, having worked with globally recognised media organisations including DMG Radio, Seven, SBS and Nine networks and corporate companies such as BMW in Germany, National Australia Bank, Jetstar and St George Bank.

In working with these organisations Neuro-Insight has been able to deliver clear, actionable intelligence that enables clients to make adjustments to their media campaigns and realise commercially validated results. See how Neuro-Insight was able to assist SBS to prove through research the power of sponsorship combined with low clutter advertising.

Watch the video on the SBS site by clicking here

For those interested in finding out more about the concept of NeuroMarketing and evidence supporting its commercial value, please check out Martin Lindstrom’s Top 10 Best Selling Book – Buy.ology.

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