Neuro-Insight wins the Best Practitioner Paper of 2014 at ReThink 2015

Neuro-Insight, along with MEC and the Seven Network have won the prestigious Best Practitioner Paper of 2014 for their article titled “The Power of Social Television: Can Social Media Build Viewer Engagement? A New Approach to Brain Imaging of Viewer Immersion” published in the March 2014 issue of the Journal of Advertising Research. Viewers recruited for the study were typical social TV participants, monitored though hidden cameras as they watched a live broadcast of The X Factor. Any interaction with social media occurred naturally.  Neuro-Insight provided leading neuroscience expertise that enabled engagement to be measured directly, rather than relying on participants articulating their recall and recognition.

The results disproved the theory that second-screen usage during TV viewing negatively impacts audience engagement, and substantiated the value of TV sponsorships and social media extensions.

Download pdf here

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