‘Not all screens are equal’ – New Research Reveals How To Edit Ads For Mobile

Neuroscience expert Richard Silberstein explains how advances in understanding long-term memory can optimise adverts displayed on smartphones

Professor Richard Silberstein is one of the world leaders in neuroscience research in advertising. He can’t, he jokes, read your mind. But If you let him hook you up to an SST (Steady State Topography) headset while watching a commercial, you’ll be shocked at quite how much he can deduce.

“We measure the speed of processing in different parts of the brain,” Silberstein explained at Mumbrella’s Finance Marketing Summit. “What that means is that we can record a sense of engagement. How intense an experience it is. Do you like it? Are you paying attention? And we can also tell whether a piece of information will be stored in your long-term memory.”

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