Why Neuro-Insight?

80-90 percent of decision making takes place in the subconscious. Traditional market research techniques (focus groups, surveys, etc.) rely on consciously reported data, which is why they fall short when it comes to explaining consumer behavior. To more accurately answer the most-pressing questions of the world’s largest brands, Neuro-Insight uses patented technology to understand the deepest drivers of human motivation, testing creatives and strategies second-by-second, in context, across any platform. We are more than a research company. Neuro-Insight’s trusted team of neuro-analytics consultants provides strategic solutions and optimizations that will inspire your consumers and drive your brand forward.

Our Services

Neuro-Insight’s delivers industry-leading solutions at any stage in the creative process, optimizing advertisements and campaign strategy for TV, radio, print, digital, and multi-sensory settings. Our primary capabilities include:

Creative Optimization: Test your ad against comparative benchmarks taken from our robust database of over 25,000 ads and receive data across metrics like memory, engagement, and emotional valence to optimize creatives at any stage of the creative life-cycle. 


Cross-Platform Optimization: Re-purpose/optimize your lead TV creative for any platform and prioritize ad spend with our proprietary NeuroState™ methodology.


Audio Branding: Expand your brand universe by optimizing your sonic strategy. Neuro-Insight possesses the only neuroanalytics platform with a proven track record of helping brands use audio to reach wider audiences, driving ROIs of up to 25%.


Package Testing: Assess the potential and predict the in-market success of your brand packaging using a combination of our patented SST technology and implicit bias testing. 


Rebranding: Determine the subconscious association that consumers have with your brand and let Neuro-Insight chart your journey toward brand relevance and popularity.


Experiential Marketing: There are some things that traditional research simply can’t tackle. Neuro-Insight’s proprietary technology offers a holistic understanding of consumer behavior in any setting.

While our strategies and capabilities are wide-reaching, our solutions all share one thing in common: they’re effective. Neuro-Insight has a proven track record of creating advertisements and informing brand strategies that result in sales lift and increased purchase intent. Take a look at our case studies for more information. 

Our Technology


Thanks to our patented Steady State Topography (SST) technology, Neuro-Insight possesses a unique ability to accurately predict in-market behavior and purchase intent with just one exposure. What makes SST different? After using EEG in a laboratory setting for close to 25 years, Neuro-Insight chairman Dr. Richard Silberstein designed SST to solve for specific problems that arise when collecting EEG data. By reducing signal interference from body movements and eliminating the need to collect averages from aggregated data sets, SST allows Neuro-Insight to produce data that is clear and deliver insights that increase ad effectiveness.  Our ability to effectively diagnose in-market performance is evident through longitudinal studies conducted with our clients and has been validated by three independent research bodies. Learn more about how our patented technology works and why it helps distinguish Neuro-Insight as a leader in the industry right here.

Our Process

We know you’re on a tight deadline. That’s why Neuro-Insight works hard to deliver groundbreaking solutions that work for your schedule. Our fieldwork begins within four business days of study confirmation, and findings are reported five business days after the start of fieldwork. Study participants are recruited to represent your target demographic and cells can be designed with respect to variables such as geography, income, age, gender, and more. Our technology is also portable, which lets us conduct studies around the globe and test campaigns in multiple markets (even at the same time). Once you’ve confirmed your goals, the questions you want answered, and our proposed study design, here’s what a typical schedule looks like:

    • Day 1: Receive Stimulus
    • Day 2: Fieldwork Takes Place
    • Day 3: Analysis 
    • Day 4: Analysis
    • Day 5: Report Findings


Neuro-Insight will sit down with you in-person to discuss the findings and deliver game-changing solutions. Gain trustworthy insights and a clear understanding of consumer behavior by filling out the information below. One of our team members will be in touch with you soon!