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Welcome to the world’s preeminent neuromarketing and neuroanalytics resource.

You have the right, power, and responsibility to lead your brand out of the ordinary and the transitory, into the ever-enduring.

Our insight into the subconscious allows us to tap into human motivation and desire so we can help brands answer their most pressing questions.

Join us on this journey to make the subconscious conscious.

“We’ve had all the traditional measures of number of door-swings and monthly and quarterly checks on brand equity scores, particularly versus our competitors. But we’ve never had a look at what’s the emotional response of a well told story. We’re measuring the efficacy of TV advertising with a company called Neuro-Insight that has enabled us to look at how we’re touching people’s long-term memory and emotional responses. We’ve never had data like this before.”

Nick Drake

Vice President Global Marketing at Google

“Since meeting Pranav and the rest of the Neuro-Insight team three years ago, I have learned much more about advertising and creating relevant content for our consumers. I consider Neuro-Insight a strategic partner that delivers actionable and meaningful insights which can change the face of advertising. If you want to create great communication, they are the ones to consult with.”

Samrat Saran

Sr. Director , Brand Insights at ABInBev

“Neuro-Insight’s approach is utterly relevant to what we believe in at BBH, and it’s hugely refreshing to think about creative effectiveness in such an immediate and tangible way.  They blend scientific expertise with creative EQ, making them brilliant partners in fueling, selling, and optimizing great work.”

Lilli English

Head of Strategy-Managing Partner, BBH London

Neuro-Insight embodies the 4 P’s of Patience, Persistence, Perspective, and Passion, and uses them beautifully to create strong partnerships—a secret 5th P. Their ways are unique; their technology, validated; their people, motivated; their method, collaborative; their instinct, sharp; and their leadership, fearless. I look forward to working with them more”

Manvir Kalsi

Senior Manager, Innovation Process and Research, Samsung

“Neuro-Insight, with their dynamic team of individuals and groundbreaking technology, displayed superb creativity in designing our study to help launch comprehensive research proving the power of Pandora’s platform and advertising units, providing results that have led to strong ROI.”

Keri Degroote

SVP of Sales Research & Analytics, Pandora

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Full compass with layersAsset 3

Come explore the human subconscious.

Whether you’re a brand, agency, or publisher, we know how to activate against your business objectives. We connect you to the deepest level of consumer decision-making: the subconscious.