Our Ethics Policy



We will always operate objectively, in accordance with established scientific principles, and will conform to the national and international legislation that applies in the countries in which we operate. We will always follow established market research industry codes of practice in those countries.


Specifically, we will always inform people clearly, fully, and honestly about the technique that we are using, and we will obtain their explicit written consent prior to taking part in any study. After a study begins, respondents will always be made aware that they can end their involvement in the study and will be compensated accordingly.


In the research that we present, we will always deal with pooled data. We will never report on the brain data we obtain from individuals, or divulge this data to any third party.


We will not work on products or services which, when used as intended, demonstrably cause harm to people.


We will not work with children below the age where rational processing of persuasive techniques has been developed. Based on peer-reviewed research in neuroscience we have set the age limit at 14. We will work with those children aged 14 and above only when we have full and informed parental consent.


When we are working on shared studies and have unused capacity available we will, as a matter of policy, offer this capacity at no cost to charities, public service bodies and their agencies.


As a member of the Neuromarketing Science & Business Association (NMSBA), Neuro-Insight actively follows the NMSBA ethical code.


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