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Our Technology
Steady State Topography (SST)
Our tech combines predictive and deep diagnostic capabilities to yield powerful and actionable insights that give you the leading edge in achieving the most ambitious goals.
Our Data
Our Global Database
Over 25,000 ads tested across multichannel
environments offer meta-learnings to maximize
media placements, enhance branded moments,
and achieve category leadership status.
Ads tested:

Neuro-Insight versus other neuro tools.

Facial Coding
Measures human emotions through facial expressions.
Metric: Emotion
In-market sales correlation
= 9%
Measures physiological reactions such as sweat and heart rate to make neurological assumptions about why these reactions occur.
Metric: Arousal
In-market sales correlation
= 27%
Eye Tracking
Measures either the point of gaze or the motion of an eye relative to the head.
Metric: Visual Attention
In-market sales correlation
= 27%
Measures the amplitude of brain activity as patterns (amplitude) in response to any given stimulus.
Metric: Attention
In-market sales correlation
= 62%
Measures the speed of processing in brain regions to understand what is being encoded into long-term memory.
Metric: Memory
In-market sales correlation
= 86%