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You’re in the business of connecting platforms, products, services, and ideas to the needs of the people you serve – we’re in the business of unearthing those needs and wants to make those connections transformational.
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Creative Development
Branding & Identity
Media Buying & Management
Products & Innovations
UX & Optimization
Creative Development

Create award-winning campaigns and maximize in-market effectiveness across channels to make your media, agency, and production dollars count.

From early-stage concept and storyboard testing to final production to assessing creative for best media placement, we analyze and optimize creative assets at every stage using second-by-second neuro analysis to identify and emphasize creative elements that work and to optimize and transform those that don’t.

Includes: concepts, animatics and finished TV, print, OOH, digital, and radio.

Branding & Identity

Frame your brand strategy with your consumer’s subconscious as the guide. From prioritizing core brand messaging, to understanding key brand and product equity associations, to best incorporating sonic and other brand elements, we can help.

Includes: logos, colors, taglines, naming, positioning, audio, and brand tracking.

Media Buying & Management

Match creative assets to the best media channels and save media dollars with intentional reach, frequency, and sequencing based on the objectives and composition of your creative assets.

Advertise to the right screen and program type to increase media ROI and contextual relevance. Understand the impact of priming and which creative elements you need to emphasize across channels.

Includes: neuro-state matching, product integration, context effect, and media strategy.

Products & Innovations

Disrupt the industry with innovation and packaging to drive leadership status across categories and retail environments.

From first-person neuro analysis of product and packaging design – physical or digital – to shopper journey optimizations to identifying product line extension and promo possibilities, we can assess packaging impact on brand/product equity association and consumer and shopper experience to increase sales and market share.

Includes: line extensions, packaging, and consumer journey.

UX & Optimization

Create meaningful connections with your consumer across every touchpoint to drive engagement and action.

We offer neuro analyses to assess predetermined or free-browse digital journeys, to understand friction points and user drop-offs, and to help curate best-in-class customer support.

Includes: website development, design, e-commerce, and social media.


Capitalize on in-store exposure and placement to drive shopper awareness and purchase.

From testing in-store shopper journeys with second-by-second neuro analysis to assessing retail partners and in-store placement to increasing sales at point of purchase, we detect opportunities for maximum impact throughout the in-store experience.

Includes: messaging, point of sale, design, trade marketing materials, and shopper journey.

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Pilots & Promos
Neuro-Engagement Database
Ad Placement Optimization
Frequency & Wear Out
Multi-Screen Ready
Neuro Impact Factor
Pilots & Promos

Predict the success of the show, strength of the cast, and other executional elements to invest in the right take the first time.

From testing movie and TV promo ads to identifying key moments for OOH and other static capture to seeing how your audience reacts to narrative and characters, we assess the best promo creative for your media buy and the best storytelling elements.

Neuro-Engagement Database

A new currency measuring the quality of content’s impact, not the reach. Discover what creatives have made the greatest waves, what elements are most successful, and evaluate how your work compares. Our neuro-engagement database adds an additional layer to the traditional ratings that differentiate your content and/or platform.

Ad Placement Optimization

Identify the true value of the platform by looking at ad-content interaction. We utilize neuroscience to validate your platform’s value to advertisers or find ways to bolster it.

Frequency & Wear Out

Rather than using blanket traditional theories, we neuro-optimize for frequency based on the creative. We make use of detailed, subconscious data to determine the ideal number of exposures, improve ROI and avoid wear-out.

Multi-Screen Ready

We guide platform optimization by measuring cross-media impact and ensuring content suitability for the right platform, screen, and environment. This reveals what content and formats perform best on desired channels and the reasons why.

Neuro Impact Factor

We provide best-in-class ‘quality of impact’ metrics, created to inform big media decisions by channel and unit for maximum ROI. The Neuro Impact Factor is a notorios rival of attention metrics, as what is seen is not what is retained for future action.

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Limitless Applications

We are fascinated by the human experience and unearthing our collective truths. We welcome partnerships across all missions dedicated to understanding what motivates us. We strive to harness the power of this drive to further our progress. Exploration to date includes: gender representation and gender parity, voter behavior and what polls can’t tell us, consumer behavior in a post Covid world, what it takes to make sustainability messaging cut through and create impact, and more.

To best connect with our clients, their consumers, and their business ecosystems, we have three permanent offices located in the industry’s major creative and marketing hubs: New York City, London, and Melbourne.

Like many of our clients, our work transcends our office locations with pop-up labs
wherever our client questions take us. We’ve worked in over 30 countries across 50+ cities worldwide. Hover over to see where we operate.
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Don’t just take our word for it.

“Neuro-Insight, with their dynamic team of individuals and groundbreaking technology, displayed superb creativity in designing our study to help launch comprehensive research proving the power of Pandora’s platform and advertising units, providing results that have led to strong ROI.”

Keri Degroote Vice SVP of Sales Research & Analytics Pandora

“We’ve had all the traditional measure of number of door-swings and monthly and quarterly checks on brand equity scores, particularly versus our competitors. But we’ve never had a look at what’s the emotional response of a well told story. We’re measuring the efficacy of TV advertising with a company called Neuro-Insight that has enabled us to look at how we’re touching people’s long-term memory and emotional responses. We’ve never had data like this before.“

Nick Drake VP Global Marketing Google

“Neuro-Insight’s approach is utterly relevant to what we believe in at BBH, and it’s hugely refreshing to think about creative effectiveness in such an immediate and tangible way. They blend scientific expertise with creative EQ, making them brilliant partners in fueling, selling, and optimizing great work.“

Lilli English Head of Strategy – Managing Partner BBH London

“Neuro-Insight embodies the 4 P’s of Patience, Persistence, Perspective, and Passion, and uses them beautifully to create strong partnerships – a secret 5th P. Their ways are unique; their technology, validated; their people, motivated; their method, collaborative; their instinct, sharp; and their leadership, fearless. I look forward to working with them more“

Manvir Kalsi Sr. Manager, Innovation Process and Research Samsung

“We partnered with NI to study the phenomenon of ad priming. We found NI to be extremely collaborative during the design and execution phases of a novel and complex project. NI met and exceeded all their commitments to us and delivered insightful findings that confirmed some hypotheses and stimulated additional research questions.“

Daniel Slotwiner Director of Advertising Research Facebook

“We have been extremely pleased with how the technique has helped us to evaluate our adverts, identifying relatively small adjustments that can make big differences to advertising efficiencies. And, in reality, ads we have tested using this approach have performed very well in the real world.“

Stuart Peters Senior Research Manager Aviva

“We have found Neuro-Insight to offer unique insight which enhances and validates our more traditional research methods in a way which nobody else can.“

Penny Browell Head of Broadcast Research Dipsticks Research

“Neuro-Insight combines a forward-thinking approach to making creative content more impactful with a nimbleness and flexibility not commonly found among research vendors of any stripe.“

Thomas Grayman Vice President, Brand and Consumer Research Spike TV

“Neuro-Insight’s metrics, supported by impressive marketplace validation results, have been enthusiastically embraced by our clients and act as critical enablers as we, our clients, and their agencies collaborate in translating rigorous brand positionings into great creative.“

Bob Woodard Founding Partner Deep Marketing Alliance