Bird’s Eye

Brand Objective:
To understand why two similar advertisements were having two different reactions with one performing better than the other.

Analyze and understand the performance of two advertisements to identify why each ad exhibited contrasting performance despite similar creative structures
1. What makes two similar ads perform differently?
2. What impact can one freeze frame have over the other?
3. Which part of the ad most impacts the memory and consumer behavior?

Neuro-Insight solution:
Though the structure of the two ads was initially thought to be ‘similar’ the ads had certain key differences in sequencing and key messaging scenes
From assessing the SST results, we recommended changing the sequence of the TVC, specifically the freeze frame moments in the frozen fish commercial to replicate the sequencing in the frozen vegetable commercial.

  • Freeze frame tends to drive memory encoding in both ads
  • The vegetable ad showed the product during this freeze frame with a strong memory encoding peak, but the fish ad did not.
  • The recommendation was to re-cut the fish ad to freeze the frame on the product, the fish.

The Results:
The client saw drastic improvements in the frozen fish TVC’s performance

Full compass with layersAsset 3
Full compass with layersAsset 3

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