Neuro Optimization
Bird’s Eye

The Challenge
Even when you think you have a formula for your ads, sometimes one dramatically outperforms the other impacting brand impact and sales. Our challenge was to analyze and understand why two ads with similar creative structures could perform differently. What impact can one freeze frame have over the other? Which part of the ad most impacts memory and consumer behavior?
Our Findings
In both ads, the freeze frames tended to drive memory encoding, but a subtle difference in each frame created a big change. The vegetable ad showed the product during this freeze frame, but the fish ad did not. The recommendation was to re-cut the fish ad to freeze the frame on the product — the fish.
Our Solution
The structure of the two ads was similar; however, each had different sequencing and different key messaging. Based on our SST results, we recommended changing the sequence of the TVC — specifically the freeze frame moments in the frozen fish commercial — to replicate the sequencing in the frozen vegetable commercial.
Memory Encoding: Brand Vegetable
Memory Encoding: Brand Fish

Post neuro optimization, the
client saw drastic
in the frozen fish TVC’s

Brand Fish: Traditional Metrics
Brand Fish: Market Share
Media Spend by Year
ROI by year