Michelob ULTRA
Pure Gold Super
Bowl 2019

The Challenge
Picture this: It is 12 days before Superbowl 2019, Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold has two TV assets in contention for airing, and our job is to recommend which asset to take forward and how to optimize it. The context was critical — hype around Super Bowl ads creates a unique viewing experience and we take extreme care to mimic the environment in which the ads will finally be displayed. Both assets were therefore tested within one cell in a sequential monadic format against the backdrop of the previous year’s Super Bowl highlights reel. ​
Our Findings
Three main things were impacting ad memorability and brand breakthrough. 1) Prolonged gaze into the camera led to decreased neuro-metric performance including strong withdrawal responses. 2) Nature scenes had a positive impact, communicating brand equities like refreshment and acting as event triggers that elevated memorability and relevance. 3) Branding moments did not create product appeal because Zoe was filling up an empty glass.
Our Solution
Powered by SST, neuro analyses for both ads were delivered within 24 hours. The winning ad — “ASMR” — was identified. From there, pre-post optimized test results included 1) shortening scenes with Zoe’s close-ups, 2) using nature sequences more frequently, 3) leveraging these nature sequences before introducing any branding moments, and 4) making sure the beer pours start at the top of the glass rather than the bottom.
Memory Encoding: Pre and Post Optimization

From choice to optimization,
small changes
made a huge
difference for Michelob
Pure Gold.

In-Market Sales
BPS Share Within Premium Beer
Publications Versus SB ‘18