Applying Neuro Effectiveness Measure to Out of Home Placements

The Challenge
In partnership with leading Australian digital outdoor media company QMS, our challenge was to understand the relative impact of different Out of Home (OOH) creative approaches and their overall effectiveness for brands. We studied brain responses to real-life, continuous digital and static OOH panels over consecutive days.
Our Findings
The study revealed that long-term memory encoding — critical for campaign effectiveness — increases when creatives evolved. In fact, creative that changed day-to-day elicited a 38% higher impact than that of static creatives by day five.
Our Solution
We have scientifically proven that static images on OOH or D(digital)OOH do a great job of reminding audiences. But, with evolving creatives, campaigns can start to maximize their impact. Small changes as simple as a color change, or copy updates each day help build new memories and enhance a campaign’s performance.
Memory Encoding