How to Make TikTok Work For Your Brand

Prioritize your ad spend and optimize your creatives with our groundbreaking insight into the world’s hottest content-sharing platform. Learn more below!

With 800 million active users, TikTok is quickly taking over the advertising landscape. The platform’s ad infrastructure, however, is still evolving. As a result, many brands don’t fully understand which ad formats, influencers, or content types truly resonate with the platform’s user base or drive consideration for their products.

How Hard Is TikTok Working For You?

Neuro-Insight—building upon a decade of social-media-based consumer research (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pandora)—is running a study that will answer the advertising industry’s most pressing questions about the world’s fastest-growing content-sharing platform. Learn more about the study, and book a time to review the results below!

The Study’s Key Findings Will Include Insight into TikTok’s:

Overall Engagement: TikTok platform engagement levels compared to other social platforms

Ad-Format Effectiveness: Which of TikTok’s branded content offerings (brand takeover, hashtag challenge, in-feed ad, branded lenses) best drives purchase consideration

Creative Potential: Neuro-Insight recommendations for a great TikTok creative

Key Influencers: How to leverage TikTok’s key influencers to drive brand equity

Get the Results!

If you’re interested in a free, 30-min TikTok consultation in which we present the findings of our study and discuss the ways that our insights can inform your brand’s TikTok strategy please book a time from the calendar below!

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