Did the Luck of the Irish Strike Guinness with Their Latest Ad?

By Kimberly Stewart

Set to the sound of Frank Valli’s “Can’t Keep My Eyes Off Of You,” Guinness marches in again with their latest Saint Patrick’s Day ad titled “All Together Now”. The famed Irish beer brand is back to celebrating its signature holiday after a decidedly muted ad in 2021. The ad intended to bring back the spirit of Saint Patrick’s Day after a long two years of unprecedented times. The goal of the ad was to welcome the beloved brand back into the lives of fans and the places they gather through the idea of togetherness. The question is – did they succeed?


Using our patented SST technology, we performed a neuro analysis of the ad to reveal some key insights. SST™ measures key neuro-responses that drive immediate and future decision-making and is used to identify the impact and optimize performance for all audio and visual brand experiences. Here are the key insights we found:



Branding is strong throughout the ad. However, this isn’t linked to the togetherness message that the brand is trying to portray. It is likely linked to the fun and joyful elements associated with drinking a pint of Guinness. Ultimately, people will remember Guinness and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, but the idea of “Togetherness” is missed.