Unlocking the Hidden Upside of Creative Effectiveness

How can we ensure that current creatives are the most effective they can be? Is there room for adjustment or innovation that could unveil untapped potential? 


Household Capital, a beacon of financial security for Australian seniors, had already crafted commercials that were performing adequately (four separate three-minute advertorials that were running on TV across Australia). But as pioneers of discovering what lays beyond conscious measurement, Neuro-Insight was solicited to explore the possibility of unlocking further ROI for Household Capital. 


The Process:


Using our proprietary neuro-technology, SST™, we analyzed the brain activity of retirees and soon-to-be retirees to identify which parts of the advertorials were most effective and which parts could be optimized. Here is what we found: 



  • The Power of Lived Experiences: Customer testimonials struck a chord, igniting high levels of engagement (personal relevance).
  • Visualizing Security: The viewers effectively encoded visual website demonstrations.
  • The Peril of Repetition: Re-stating customer quotes backfired. Instead of reinforcement, it triggered a phenomenon called “conceptual closure” – otherwise known as the brain’s memory centers shutting down, deeming the information redundant.


Armed with these subconscious learnings, we convened a workshop with Household Capital’s key stakeholders to optimize their creatives accordingly.  



The Results:


The results were a resounding testament to the power of making the subconscious conscious. Household Capital’s Chief Marketing Officer Mario Garrido shares: “Since integrating the research findings, we can directly attribute a 30% increase in the performance in inbound call enquiries [a direct line to potential customers] from our new advertorials to the neuro optimization process.” Furthermore, “Although radio creative was not tested, a similar uplift was achieved in radio advertising, by applying the same insights,” demonstrating the cross-channel potential of these discoveries. 





Ultimately, this isn’t about fixing what isn’t broken. It’s about recognizing that even the most successful creations harbor hidden reserves of effectiveness. A few well-placed tweaks, informed by what happens in our subconscious, can unlock unbelievable potential. 




Purchase the NMSBA’s 2024 Yearbook (found here) to read the full case study.


Source: NMSBA. (2024). Unlocking the Hidden Upside of Creative Effectiveness. In Neuromarketing Yearbook 2024 (pp. 82–83).