Data and Design: Re-Imagining Lumen Technologies’ Design System

In the vast expanse of the tech industry, where design often takes a backseat and conformity reigns supreme, a group of visionary leaders dared to challenge the status quo. Lumen Technologies embarked on a remarkable journey of transformation, going beyond the ordinary with a vision that sought to awaken imagination while keeping humanity at its core.


For Lumen to do so, they needed a trusted partner to bring them expertise in the realms of science, decoding human behavior, and the necessary creativity to execute a mission of this magnitude. Enter Neuro-Insight, the strategic partner in Lumen’s metamorphosis. Together, we embarked on a quest to redefine Lumen’s visual identity, breaking free from the constraints of conventional design paradigms. Our mission: to capture Lumen’s progressive ethos and deep understanding of human emotion in every pixel and hue.


At the heart of our collaboration lies the fusion of creativity and data. Under the guidance of Moria Fredrickson, Senior Director of Marketing Strategy at Lumen, our teams merged creative ingenuity with scientific precision. Leveraging our pioneering SST™ technology, we meticulously explored design landscapes, evaluating and dissecting the visual DNA of 24 leading tech brands.


Our study continued with a thorough analysis of the industry landscape, followed by the integration of Lumen’s mission and value proposition within this context. We crafted a myriad of design systems, each reflecting Lumen’s distinctive essence. Through rigorous SST™ analysis, we delved into the subconscious realm of IT professionals, unraveling their brains’ responses to colors, layouts, and imagery. This empirical journey became our compass, guiding us toward a design system that encapsulates Lumen’s character. Watch the video below as we unveil the design system to the world.


“This is the first and probably the most extensive amount of work done to understand human motivations and behavior in an industry that has been surround by a sea of black and blue,” Samrat Saran, Head of Client Solutions at Neuro-Insight, states. “The vibrancy, the boldness, the disruptiveness that has emerged is inspiring and invigorating, and we hope to see much more of this within not just this industry, but in other spheres of marketing and products moving forward.”


Fredrickson echoes Saran’s enthusiasm in her “Awakening Imagination” series and adds, “One of the core philosophies of our team is that we love to blend art and science. We don’t do things just for fun, or because they’re pretty or we like themwe do them because the data says they’re smart.”


So, what did the data reveal? What design elements emerged as the key to resonance with Lumen’s audience? The answer awaits as we unveil the culmination of our collaboration — a design narrative that transcends the ordinary, heralding a new era of visual innovation for Lumen Technologies. Below is a teaser for what’s to come.