“On the Evolution of Creativity and Creative” with Seth Matlins

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Join Pranav Yadav, our Founder and Global CEO, as he engages in a thought-provoking discussion with Forbes’s Seth Matlins on the latest episode of the CMO Network’s series, “On the Evolution of Creativity and Creative.” 


Amongst many other great topics, the podcast episode discusses: 


  • The idea that great marketing is akin to great poetry or “felt thought” 
  • The need for marketers to tap into the subconscious truths of the consumer rather than appealing to superficial needs  
  • The fact that marketers should “pay no attention to attention,” as it is only measures where the eyes are looking, not whether the message is heard or remembered
  • That great marketing has the added responsibility of rendering the brand into memory, otherwise all you have created is entertainment 





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